We are committed to training, mentoring, and enabling the next generation of scientists and clinicians

Doing great science requires a great team. That's why, as part of our mission, we recruit passionate individuals from diverse scientific backgrounds and empower them to realize their full potential both here at Stanford and beyond. We value integrity, openness, curiosity, and a mindset of growth and development. If you have an enthusiasm for discovery and enjoy working in a dynamic environment, the Long Lab may be an ideal setting for you. 

Depending on interest, students and fellows can expect to gain experience in any of the following scientific areas: molecular biology, cell biology, mouse metabolism and physiology, biochemistry and enzymology, and mass spectrometry. Our goal is to provide the scientific, writing, and leadership skills for our people to succeed in the laboratory and also in subsequently career pursuits.

Postdoctoral and clinical fellows

Passionate and independent fellows with backgrounds in chemical synthesis, biochemistry, mass spectrometry, molecular biology, mouse physiology, pathology, or endocrinology are especially encouraged to apply. Please email a cover letter, CV, and three references to Jon directly. 

Graduate students

Stanford graduate and MD/PhD students interested in obtaining an interdisciplinary education at the interface of the chemical and biological sciences should should email Jon Long directly to inquire about a rotation. No direct experience is necessary. Please include a CV and short paragraph about research interests. Prospective graduate students should apply directly to the Chemistry or Biosciences Ph.D. programs at Stanford University.

Research Associates

We are always looking for individuals who have just received or are about to receive their undergraduate degrees and would like to obtain an intensive two year research experience prior to graduate or medical school. Please email a cover letter, CV, and two references to Jon directly.


We welcome undergraduates who are interested in getting their feet wet in experimental work. Please email Jon to inquire about opportunities.